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Chief Beecroft

Message from Our Chief

Citizens of North Fort Myers Fire District,

Thank you for taking the time to visit our webpage and educating yourself and your families on the resources and opportunities North Fort Myers Fire District strives to provide our community.

We are committed to provide a substantial foundation of public service. We believe with our community's efforts and our dedication; we can prepare the citizens of North Fort Myers for all emergency obstacles that may arise.

I am a long-time resident of Southwest Florida, graduated from North Fort Myers High School, raised in North Fort Myers, and working as a career firefighter at North Fort Myers Fire District for over 27 years. It is an honor to serve our unique community as Fire Chief.

A special thank you to our Board of Fire Commissioners for their encouragement and leadership that helps contribute to our continuous goal of providing the most efficient service to the North Fort Myers community that is possible.

Thank you again for this humbling opportunity to serve the seasonal and non-seasonal residents, tourist, and commercial business as Fire Chief of North Fort Myers. It truly is a privilege to be a public servant to you all; and we will continue to protect and serve to the most substantial standards.

Respectfully Yours in Service,

Fire Chief Ronald Beecroft

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