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Our department is located in Lee County, Florida and is a full-time, career, independent special district governed by an elected 5-member Board of Commissioners. Our workforce is managed under the direction of Fire Chief Ron Beecroft and consists of 57 members.

​Via 3 fire stations, our department provides fire protection, rescue, EMS, public education, code enforcement and prevention programs to the community. The Fire Suppression Division consists of 3 shifts, each with 16 career firefighters working a 24/48 hour work schedule.

Our first response area covers a 36 square-mile zone that is stretched along the greater waters of the Caloosahatchee River to the south, west to the City of Cape Coral, east to the Bayshore area, and north to the Charlotte county line. With a population of approximately 50,000 (which increases to almost 70,000 during winter season), we protect various neighborhoods, subdivisions, manufactured home communities, high rises, apartment complexes, and other multi-family dwellings.

Complexes and infrastructure under our protective umbrella include 7 public schools, two major water treatment plants, a large industrial park, and many commercial structures including restaurants, strip malls, retail stores, and other general business establishments. Additionally, one of the fire stations sits adjacent to an upper-class residential subdivision that is aircraft owner specific. This subdivision has its own private fueling station and a 3200 foot private airstrip that is used on a regular basis.